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Thursday, June 3, 2004
What's wrong with Morrissey...?
...and why can't I stop listening to his new CD? I ask myself these same questions every time I get his latest CD. His new one "I Am The Quarry" is no exception.

Still, to this day, after buying 8 albums, I can't figure out if the guy is kidding with these lyrics. He sings them so earnestly that I honestly can't tell. And part of me doesn't even care because they're so damn catchy!

From "First of the Gang to Die"
"You have never been in love / Til you've seen the dawn rise / Behind the home for the blind"

From "I Have Forgiven You Jesus"
"Monday - humiliation / Tuesday - suffocation / Wednesday - condescension / Thursday - is pathetic / By Friday life has killed me / By Friday life has killed me / Oh pretty one, Oh pretty one"

One of my favorites from his last album is this gem:

"Roy's keen oh Roy's keen / We've never seen a Keener window-cleaner / Back up the ladder / Into each corner / Dunking his chamois/ Just think of the goodwill / The ladder's a planet / Roy is a star, / and I am a satellite /(But that's alright)"