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Saturday, January 28, 2006
Watched "Bubble" last night
Yesterday was a pretty significant day in terms of film distribution. HDNet Films released Stephen Soderbergh's "Bubble" in theaters, on TV (in high definition) and on DVD (both the theater and TV releases were yesterday; the DVD releases on Tuesday).

I, for one, am all for closing the release windows and giving consumers the choice as to where and when they view films. I would much rather enjoy a high-definition version of a new release in the Manroom than in the local multiplex.

OK, enough about the release, what about the movie? It was really, really good. The concept is to take a location (in this case, a small town on the Ohio/West Virginia border), find a story that is authentic to that location (in this case, working a tedious, repetitive job in a doll factory) and then cast local people to star in the film (i.e. no professional actors at all).

While that sounds cool in theory, I was sort of expecting the worst, especially with the non-professional actor part. Fortunately, I was totally wrong. The "actors" are perfect at conveying the stillness and tedium of their lives (maybe it helped that I grew up in West Virginia and knew people like this). And the story takes a turn near the end that suddenly creates a nice little murder mystery.

Fans of other mainstream Soderbergh films (Ocean's 11, Erin Brokovich) should probably avoid this one. However, if you like interesting, experimental filmmaking, then check out "Bubble."

Soderbergh is under contract to do 5 more of these experimental films. Hopefully, HDNet Films can recruit other filmmakers to do the same.

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