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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
10 worst game controllers
IGN has a pretty funny look at the worst console controllers ever made. Sadly, I had a couple of these: the Atari 5200 controller and the original XBOX controller.

The 5200 controller was a total POS. As the article correctly notes, the 4 fire buttons were made out of some really rubbery material. This meant that they quickly lost contact with whatever part of the controller registered the button press. So after a couple of months, you had to practically dislocate a finger to get the buttons to work. I remember my mom buying me one replacement controller before I gave up on the 5200.

One fond memory I have of the 5200 was getting patches for games. Many of the games encouraged players to take photos of their high scores and send them in to the publisher to receive a special patch. Being a dorky kid, I actually went through the process of getting patches for Pac-Man, Congo Bongo, River Raid and Defender. I wish I still had them.

As for the original XBOX controller, I had no problem using it... until I got my 360. Now, going back and picking up an original XBOX controller is just awkward. I think it may be a combination of the original sort of sucking and the new one totally kicking ass.

Check out the rest of the list.

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