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Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Cooling my XBOX 360
My XBOX 360 is cool-- literally
Because I have a ton of equipment in my entertainment rack, cooling is a concern. Adding an XBOX 360 to the mix made cooling more important.

My solution was to mount 3 PC fans to my equipment rack and power them with a variable voltage power supply. By keeping the voltage low, the fans move the air without being noisy enough to hear. One of the three fans is dedicated to cooling the 360.

The fan visible in the photo is actually pulling air out of the cabinet. I chose to make it an exhaust fan because the 360 already has two fans blowing hot air out of the case.

I also built a (somewhat ghetto) pair of risers out of black LEGOs. These risers (visible in the photo, but not in normal lighting) keep the bottom of the 360 about 1 1/2 above my old XBOX.

I got all of the supplies at Radio Shack (fans, connectors to wire fans to power supply, Y adapter to connect multiple fans to power supply and power supply) for about $25.

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