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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
I want to start a roller derby league
As I mentioned earlier this week, I registered the domain name "" The reason? I really, really want to start an all-girl roller derby league here in Louisville.

I discussed the idea with half a dozen co-workers over lunch and there were a lot of good ideas tossed around. We even scoped out some patrons of the restaurant to see who we thought might want to play. There was a group of nurses that we could tell wanted to call off the jam.

Of course, I know that I am underestimating how much work (and money) it would take to do such a thing; however, I'm still in the honeymoon phase of the idea, so don't shit on my parade just yet.

Amy is even on board with the idea. In fact, she wants to skate. She said her handle would be "Big Mammy."

Anyone else interested? If so, let me know (especially if you have a building to hold the bouts or a roller derby slant track or a shitload of money that you would live to squand-- invest in all-girl roller derby action.

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