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Thursday, February 16, 2006
More problems w/ HD-DVD & Blu-Ray?
As if launching competing formats at the same time isn't confusing enough for most consumers, is running a story about the uncertainty around the copy protection on next generation optical formats. Seems that no one is able to definitively say which configurations of hardware and connections will "allow" the full HD signal to be displayed, especially when there is a PC in the mix.

For example, if you have an HD-DVD drive in a PC and you connect it via DVI to a monitor, the full resolution of the HD-DVD may not be displayed due to DVI's lack of copy protection. The OS may downconvert the video to SD in that case.

Similar questions arise when you look at standalone DVD players and TVs without HDMI inputs. Will those allow you to display full HD?

My TV has DVI, not HDMI, because it is 2 years old. If I buy an HD-DVD player and I can't get full resolution, I will be beyond pissed. And, because I'm somewhat of a nut once I have a bad customer experience, I will probably swear off the new formats altogether.

Personally, I think all of the inconveniences and uncertainty that the content owners keep forcing on consumers is actually more harmful than the risk of piracy. Most people will NEVER pirate a DVD. Never. However, everyone who buys one of these new players is automatically treated like they will. How can they expect that model to succeed?

UPDATE (2/16): Engadget has an interesting conspiracy theory about Microsoft's desire to see both formats fail. Not sure what I think about that theory; however, it is an interesting read.

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