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Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Signed up for Blockbuster Online
I am now officially one step closer to ditching Netflix. Since they haven't shipped me a movie in over 5 days (i.e. I have no movies checked out at all), I'm already learning to live without movies :)

After seeing all of the Super Bowl ads, I figured that I should do the free trial of Blockbuster. I have heard that their shipping infrastructure is no where near as good as Netlfix; however, the free in-store rentals are appealing to me (considering I might actually get a new release the day it is released).

What I found most interesting after signing up is that Blockbuster doesn't appear to reserve any of their inventory for new members (or perhaps the Super Bowl ad flooded their system with new members). The first two movies I added to my Queue (which are the same movies that I can't get Netflix to send me) are not available. Not the best new customer experience.

Regardless of BB's service, I suspect I will cancel Netflix before the end of my billing period (2/20). Whether I keep BB will depend on their shipping times and their in-store availability. I have a Blockbuster store 2 miles from my house (and it is on the way to my office), so that may be the best bet.

UPDATE: My little Netflix trick (the one that got me so much fan mail) doesn't work after all. I've been without movies for several days. I just added "Waiting..." to my Queue this morning. Ironically, it says "Short Wait."

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