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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Streaming HD to XBOX 360
My AverMedia A180 HDTV card arrived today. I plan on using my Windows Media Center 2005 box, which is hooked to an HDTV in our master bedroom, as an HD DVR that will feed both the master bedroom TV and my HDTV in the "manroom."

Installation of the card and drivers and the TV setup in MCE 2005 took less than 15 minutes. After heading downstairs, I was also able to view Live TV from the MCE 2005 box via the XBOX 360.

My first HD test recording was "American Idol" (it was the first HD thing I found in the guide!). Everything worked perfectly. I was able to watch (pause, rewind, etc.) the show in both our bedroom and in the "manroom." And the interface wasn't all that bad either. I have used a TiVo since 2001 and have bought into the whole "there is nothing better than TiVo" thing. However, the MCE TV interface wasn't bad (a whole lot better than cable DVRs that I've used).

Now I can watch HD versions or "Lost" and "24" without commericals. Very cool!

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