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Thursday, February 23, 2006
URL on a van
I was returning from lunch today and saw an average looking minivan (Burgundy, I think) with a URL on it's back window. Not only was the URL ( dumb, but it just didn't fit the van. It had one of those "I care about kids" license plates and one of those ribbon stickers supporting one of the million worthy causes that one can support with ribbon stickers.

After visiting the URL, it appears that the van owner is just using a service that allows them to set up a casino/gambling site. Maybe soccer moms are an uptapped gold mine for casino sites and this person is blazing the trail.

And how can they lose with copy like this on their site:

"Nerd Poker Live is much more than sun, sand, and surf. This sleek metropolitan hot spot is colored by an exhilarating urban lifestyle where excitement is driven by skills and luck. At Nerd Poker Live, you don't have to wait until sundown to indulge yourself in Nerd Poker Live's enticing casinos or sports excitement. Click here to play now!"

I know I'm all in!

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