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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Activated PayPal Mobile
I'm sure everyone will be blogging about this today; however, PayPal Mobile is such an awesome idea that I just have to comment.

Now, you can use your phone to send money to anyone else with a phone. Someone owe you $5? They can send a payment to your phone with their phone. You will also be able to buy things you see in stores as well. Read more about it here.

I just completed the phone activation process which was really easy (and pretty cool). Here are some screens of the steps:

1. Add your mobile phone number to your PayPal account
PayPal Mobile

2. Create a PIN
PayPal Mobile

3. Set up a confirmation call
PayPal Mobile

4. Make the confirmation call
PayPal Mobile

5. Success!
PayPal Mobile

If only PayPal Mobile could use your phone to call people who owe you money. Now THAT would be cool.

UPDATE [3/24/2006]: I received my first PayPal Mobile payment. Read more about it here.

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