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Sunday, April 9, 2006
GameznFlix blows it AGAIN!
OK, this may be the fastest that a company has lost my business ever (it's been about 20 minutes since my last post about their Firefox issues)! After figuring out the IE/Firefox form validation issue, I started trying to fill my Queue on GameznFlix.

Well, GnF makes that hard because THEY LIMIT WHICH MOVIES AND GAMES YOU CAN TRY AS A TRIAL MEMBER, but THEY DON'T PROVIDE A LIST OF WHICH ONES!!! I would repeat that for emphasis, but I don't want to do all caps again. Unbelievable.

So after clicking around on about 20 titles that I wanted (only to see the "Rent" button grayed out), I finally found a new Gamecube game (that I don't really want) to add to the Queue.

As I was trying to click back through the Top Rentals list (i.e. clicking the pagination navigation at the bottom of the page), I found that they never built the actual links into the pagination navigation, so you can't get to page 2 (or any other page past the first one).

Wow! I am blown away at how half-assed this service is. I wonder how Circuit City is going to feel knowing that they partnered with a bunch of half-wits on what could be a really great service.

I was excited about the possibility of renting games and movies from a single place for a lower price than Netflix and GameFly. I guess I'll have to keep waiting for someone to do it right, 'cause GameznFlix sucks.

The cancellation form allows you to tell them why you're canceling. Here is what I told them:

"Wow. I am so disappointed in your service... I am blown away at how many bugs/bad experiences are in your app. Forms that don't validate in Firefox. Pagination that doesn't link to anywhere.

And don't get me started on the limited list of items for trial members. HOW ABOUT A LIST OF WHAT I CAN RENT AS A TRIAL MEMBER? The fact that I have to hunt around for something to try is beyond lame.

I hate to be so harsh on you guys, but if you're going to launch a site and partner with a major retailer like Circuit City, there is an expectation of, at least, a basic level of service. You guys are definitely NOT delivering that right now.

I subscribe to both Netflix and GameFly and, thanks to this experience, I will continue to."

UPDATE: Oh, it just keeps getting worse! The cancellation e-mail I got from GnF has 2 typos. Here is what they told me:

"Dear Shawn ,

We are sorry to see you go. If you stil have any titles in your possesion please return them
within 14 days to avoid being charged for the outstanding titles.

Total: $0"

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