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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Leaving Sirius
OK, I'm sure that you are wondering if I recently had a head injury or something. For months, I have blogged about how much I love Sirius and how it was the greatest thing since the last thing I declared the greatest thing.

Well, ever since my Sirius radio died, I have realized that I don't really miss it. I have used my iPod instead.

I've also realized that I have too many subscription services: Gamefly, Netflix and Sirius. So I'm going to cancel Sirius (and Gamefly... and maybe Netflix) at the end of this billing cycle.

So how will I get my fix of 80s hair metal? I'll use my Slingbox. Since DirecTV has a partnership with XM, I can use my Slingbox to stream the XM music channels to my PC at work. Although they haven't said anything, I'm sure my co-workers miss the sound of Britny Fox, Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns during the day.

Once I get my Sirius radio back, I am going to sell the whole package (radio, home antenna, car kit and boombox) on eBay. I will apply the proceeds toward my next cracktacular gadget -- the Nintendo DS Lite!

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