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Monday, May 1, 2006
"Pathetic" XBOX 360 setups
While I enjoy spending too much money on my home theater gear, I would never be a "hater" and trash talk anyone who isn't able to do the same. Joystiq's XBOX 360 Fanboy, however, is not above making fun of those less-fortunate gamers who don't have the best XBOX 360 setup.

Here are a couple of my favorites from their "Most Pathetic XBOX 360 Setup Contest":

Two months ago I underwent a huge down grade from a nice 32" television to a 9" in the laundry room after my sister moved back into the house and reclaimed her TV and the basement. The only other room my ethernet would stretch to was the laundry room. One of these days I'm going to buy a wireless setup for my room upstairs. I get lines through the picture when the washer or dryer is on and the AV input has to be duct-taped into just the right spot in order for the picture to apear. I'm used to it now and don't really mind it.

Right now I’ve got a 13” Orion TV, about 15 years old, hooked up to a Sony VCR through coax cable, and the 360 is connected to the VCR through the inputs in the front. See, the Orion doesn’t have any RCA jacks, so I gotta use the VCR as a poh man’s coax to RCA convertor ... Anyway, I would buy a nicer rig, but I moved down to New York City to live with my girlfriend a little while ago, and we don’t have much money (rent here is $1600 a month for a one bedroom apartment), so we can’t afford a big TV or a stand to put it on. Not yet anyway. I guess a moving box will have to do for now, keeps my neck from strainin’ too much. But I love that girl, and I love my 360, so whatever it takes, right?

See the whole gallery here. WARNING: These setups aren't pretty.

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