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Monday, May 15, 2006
Why do I need desktop search?
There are a lot of reviews floating around about the latest release of Google Desktop. While I've installed (and uninstalled) all of the previous versions, I decided to download and install version 4 this morning. I was especially interested in the ability to index multiple computers (which was on my Google Desktop wishlist in a previous post).

As with other versions, I remembered that I have no real use for desktop search. Sure, I loved the idea of Google Desktop at first; however, I found that my usage trailed off rather quickly. Then, I was left with the uneasy feeling that all of my data was being constantly indexed by Google (and I wasn't really getting any benefit for it).

When I really stopped to think about it, I realized that I've never had a problem retrieving files using folders in Windows. I put music in a "Music" folder, videos in a "Video" folder, etc. If I really need to find something, I just search within those folders.

Another negative (for me) is the use of gadgets. I really, really dislike anything floating around on my desktop (despite my previous blog posts calling those things cool). They are just novelty items and they get old really quickly. Yeah, it is neat to have an analog clock on your desktop... for about 15 minutes. Same for the weather and stock quotes and Google maps.

I have the handful of sites that I visit every day (Flickr, Digg, Gmail, work e-mail) as my default tabs in Firefox. Everything else I consume is in my RSS reader that I have bolted on to FF. Because I spend about 90% of my computer time in a browser, this is the most efficient way for me to get to the info I need. Desktop gadgets require me to return to my desktop which I rarely ever do.

Am I the exception? Are people really finding Google Desktop and all of those gadgets useful?

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