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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Circuit City has lame partners
I posted a couple of months ago about my horrible experience with GameznFlix and how surprised I was that Circuit City had partnered with such a not-ready-for-prime-time service.

Well, today, I get an e-mail from CC touting a new, seemingly ridiculous, service from Get Digital. For $1.50 per CD (or $1.60 if I want a high bitrate), Get Digital will take my CDs and turn them into MP3s... I'm going to give that a couple of seconds to sink in. Get Digital wants you to mail your CDs to them, pay them $1.50 per CD to rip your CDs, and then have them mail you your CDs and new DVDs with MP3s on them.

Oh, and if dealing with DVDs is too tough for you (if you can't rip a CD, how are you going to get the files off a DVD), you can get your MP3s returned to you on a brand new hard drive (which your non-CD-ripping brain would have to figure out how to install). When I put went through the process, it recommended that I buy a 100GB hard drive for $185. Or, if DVDs and hard drives aren't your thing, you can just send them your iPod.

How do businesses like this get funded?! Honestly. Who reads that business plan and says "Oh, hell yeah. This is brilliant!" And, then, how does a company like Circuit City partner with them? I'm sure there is a rev share deal in there; however, come on, Circuit City. Partnerships with GamezNFlix and Get Digital make you look bad (no matter how much $ these partners project that you *could* make).

For my CD collection, I would be looking at around $300 to get the good ones burned with Get Digital (plus $185 if I want them on a hard drive and $31 if you want a color directory printed out). And this is on top of the $300 I paid for a 5G iPod (actually, I won my 5G iPod in a contest at work, but still...). And considering that iPod owns the MP3 player market right now, why wouldn't someone just use iTunes to rip their collection? Sure, you have to keep swapping out CDs; however, is that really worth the trouble and money involved with using GetDigital? I sure wouldn't do it and I'm betting not many others will either.

I prefer Circuit City because they have a price match policy and a 30-day no hassle return policy. I wish they would stick with that and not waste time with things like GamezNFlix and GetDigital.

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