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Thursday, June 29, 2006
D-Link's customer support sucks!
OK, my D-Link DI-624 router died about 2 weeks ago. It was locked up and neither a power reset or a full reset would bring it back. In fact, the power, status and WLAN lights didn't even light up any more.

I replaced the DI-624 with a Linksys WRT54G because I couldn't wait for D-Link to send me a replacement.

Well, today, I decided to go ahead and make my warranty claim. So I called the toll-free number and described the problem to the person in the call center (which was obviously overseas). They walked me through the reset process (which I had done dozens of times already). No change.

They then insisted that I connect my modem and PC to the router to continue troubleshooting. When I challenged this request (because it would require me unhooking a bunch of things to make that happen) as technically incapable of fixing the router, the CS rep put me on hold. Upon return, she said that she really needed to go through those steps to confirm that the router is broken. I countered with the claim that there is NO WAY that connecting those things will affect the router. She said it was simply on the list of troubleshooting items to do.

After I got somewhat upset with her, I was placed on hold for a few more minutes. When she returned, she said they *really* needed me to connect the modem and a PC. When I refused, she said that I would need to call back when I was willing to troubleshoot the router.

I was so pissed that I almost bought a plane ticket to India. Then I realized that I hate flying. I really don't see how refusing to try stupid things makes me uncooperative.

I am tempted to just call back and say, "OK, my modem and PC are connected. What next?" I think I should probably calm down first, though. Grrr!

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