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Thursday, June 22, 2006
I like "Stacked"

I recently got a copy of the new poker game "Stacked" for XBOX, so I thought I would share my thoughts.

First, let me say that I am not a big poker player in real-life; however, like most of America, I enjoyed watching the World Series of Poker the past couple of years on ESPN. So I know enough about the game to know what's happening, but not enough about how to play to actually try it out in public.

I think that is why I like Stacked so much. It allows me to try my hand (hand, get it?!) at Texas Hold 'Em without having to get my ass handed (handed, get it?! OK, that was over the line) to me in public.

The game feels very much like a real tournament. Depending on the skill of the players, a single table tournament can last for well over an hour. That may be a turnoff for someone looking to play a quick hand or two; however, for people who player poker in the meat world, this should be a big plus.

And for someone new to the game, there are pro tips available throughout the game to help you out. So someone with limited knowledge of all of the rules of poker (like myself) can still pick it up and understand how to play.

Because of the nature of the gameplay (i.e. you have to look at your cards on the screen), "Stacked" is limited to 1 player per XBOX. However, the game challenges your skills against a group of crafty AI players. And once you fell brave enough, you can venture online and play on XBOX Live.

I actually enjoyed the XBL experience quick a bit. The trash-talking and posturing that takes place in just about every game you play on XBL actually adds a little something to "Stacked." Is the prepubescent kid who keeps saying "I raise, bitch" in his squeaky little voice bluffing?

Another thing to like about "Stacked" is the price. It retails for $29.99. Well worth it for anyone looking to keep their poker skills sharp or looking to learn more about the game.

BTW, if you're looking for an easy target to play against, look me up (Gamertag sMoRTy71) on XBOX Live. Or if you think you're good enough, MTV is hosting a series of "Stacked" tournaments. Check those out here.

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