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Monday, June 5, 2006
I love PayPal again
Yes, I realize that posting about how pissed I am at a company and then posting that I love that company a few days later makes me look at little crazy; however, a couple of events have turned me around with PayPal.

1. They fixed the issue that I posted last week with my wife's double payment problem by crediting back the transaction fees associated with the refund. And, BTW, the fact that a friend works at PayPal had nothing to do with it.

2. More online retailers accept PayPal. I love shopping online; however, I hate using my credit card because I always end up forgetting to budget in the amount I've spent online (really annoying since I don't like to carry a credit card balance).

Last night, I found a messenger bag that I wanted to pick up (to better carry all of the random gadgets I lug around) for $15 on eBags. I was just about to ditch my session when I realized that they take PayPal (and that the 20% off sale they were having ended at midnight). Instead of leaving, I bought the bag.

I've always preferred NewEgg because they take PayPal. I'm glad to see more online retailers doing the same.

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