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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Last word on Sirius
During my last call with Sirius, I discovered that they are (not surprisingly) outsourcing their warranty support. Coincidentally, they are outsourcing it to a company just across the river from Louisville called Service Net. Even more coincidentally, I used to do web consulting for them a few years ago.

What sucks about this whole situation was that it wouldn't have taken much to keep me as a customer. They could have upgraded me to a better radio (as I was promised on one call). They could have also given me a couple of months free. Or better yet, they could have done both.

Instead, they chose to outsource that component of their business to a company that stumbled around for two months before sending me a broken, refurbished radio.

I guess it is time to start using the XM channels provided by DirecTV.

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