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Tuesday, June 6, 2006
NBC still doesn't get viral marketing
According to Lost Remote, NBC and YouTube are close to finalizing an ad deal where NBC would buy ads on YouTube and provide clips of upcoming shows. Sounds like NBC finally gets it, huh? They are embracing the power of the web and sucking up all of the viral marketing goodness, right? Not really. They are only using YouTube to pimp upcoming shows.

"These viral sites are interesting to us in instances before a show becomes an asset and we are trying to expose it to people," says John Miller, NBC's chief marketing officer. "Once something becomes a hit it's a different story."

Do they seriously think that they can control what gets hot and what doesn't? Just putting a commerical on YouTube does nothing for them. The challenge is to create content that real people WANT to upload and watch on YouTube. Why not post the musical performances from SNL on YouTube after the broadcast? Or upload all of the digital shorts? They've already been paid for with ad dollars from the show's sponsors.

It seems like iTunes has got the networks seeing dollar signs on everything they do. Unfortunately, they confuse our desire to consume their content with a desire to pay for it.

In a media landscape that keeps offering more and more things to splinter our attention, I would think that a media company like NBC would take the eyeballs wherever they can find them.

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