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Friday, June 9, 2006
Sirius warranty service sucks!
I am generally not a patient person (just ask my wife); however, I feel I have been more than patient with Sirius and their warranty department.

Exactly two months ago today, my Sanyo Sirius radio died. So I shipped the radio back and they received it on April 19th (I used delivery confirmation).

When I called to check on it the first time, I was told it would be 2-4 weeks from the date they received it. So I said, "Two to four weeks from April 19th?" Oh, no no no. It would 2-4 weeks from April 28th. When I questioned that date, I was told that was when they received the radio.

Well, guess what? Almost two months after they received my defective radio, Sirius STILL can't tell me if a replacement has shipped. THEY JUST DON'T KNOW! How can this be? How can they have a computerized warranty tracking system with fancy claim numbers and not be able to tell me the status of my claim?

And to make matters worse, each rep I speak to seems to have no knowledge of what the previous rep claimed would happen. Here is a breakdown of the past 3 calls:

May 31st
Spoke to Kurt who sounded just like Brad Pitt playing Floyd in "True Romance" (which I considered a good thing). He was very understanding and said that I would receive a Sportster Replay and Home Kit instead of the crappier Sanyo that died. He said this was because they had taken so long to get my radio back. I was happy and eagerly awaited my new radio.

June 5th
Spoke to Jesse who questioned everything that Kurt told me. She said they definitely would not be sending me a Sportster Replay and Home Kit. She even questioned whether they would send me a home kit at all (even though I returned mine to them as instructed). When I reminded her that the home kit is included with the Sanyo, she said that that would be what I was getting.

She claimed that she spoke to her supervisor and her supervisor would make sure that my radio went out on June 6th.

June 9th
Called back to get my tracking number and I spoke to Rachel. She seemed to have no information on her "screen" about anything I had discussed with Kurt or Jesse.
So, like Jesse, she put me on hold for a while (although she popped in half a dozen times to tell me she was working on it). When she returned, you wanna guess what she said? First, she said that tracking numbers can take a couple of days to show up in the system (sounds like they think my item shipped, doesn't it?). Then, she said that she spoke to her supervisor and her supervisor would make sure that my radio was shipped out ASAP. Huh? Are we just waiting for a tracking number or waiting for it to ship?

As I am writing this post, I am getting more and more irritated. I am actually going to go call this mysterious supervisor and see what is going on. Stay tuned...

I called back and spoke to "Tonya" (I don't want to use the real name because I am going to use a quote from her later). She said that my radio had definitely not shipped. She also said that my claimed appeared to have only been open this morning. Nice! When I mentioned that the last two reps had already sent my info to their supervisor, she said "the more times it goes to my supervisor, the better chance you have of getting it shipped... you know what I mean?" I didn't know what to say. I actually wanted to ask for the supervisor's address so I could maybe send over a bottle of wine or some flowers to better my chances of getting noticed.

I am supposed to call back on Tuesday to get my tracking number.

UPDATE #2: June 14, 2006
After months of waiting, I got a replacement radio. Guess what? It was DOA. It worked for about 30 minutes (long enough for me to reactivate my service) and then it died. Also, they didn't send me a new unit. They sent me a refurb unit that was thrown in a box with some packing peanuts. Classy!

After calling CS, I was told that no radios were in stock and I would have to wait until they received more before I could get one.

UPDATE #3: September 23, 2006
Finally got an e-mail from Sirius saying that a replacement radio was available. I'm too fed up with them to even bother shipping the old one back. I'm done with Sirius. They have great programming; however, they treat their customers like crap. Good riddance!

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