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Monday, June 5, 2006
Will 9/19 be hump day?
According to Engadget, the new XBOX Live Vision camera will be released on September 19th. Of course, many of us who play Halo 2 together are wondering how (or if) the camera will be used in that game.

I think MSFT and Bungie would be smart to NOT include support for the camera in Halo 2, otherwise all we will see is everyone "teabagging" the camera. BTW, for those uninitiated, teabagging is the act of dipping your character's... um... you know... onto a dead opponent's face (wow, that sounds even worse when you type it out) by repeatedly tapping the button used to make your character crouch. It is not a feature of the game, but a hack players invented to humiliate one another.

Now, imagine that all of these ass-clowns have a webcam to use. Yeah, not a pretty set of pictures.

BTW, thanks to Dan K. for sending me the animation above. Also, I've just downloaded the new dashboard update for XBOX Live and settings for the XBOX Live Vision camera are already showing up in the System blade. Maybe it will be a little sooner than 9/19.

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