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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
"Argo" had better kick ass
There is a lot of hype around the confirmation that Microsoft is definitely making a new line of XBOX-related media players under the codename "Argo." I just hope that MSFT can make a kick-ass handheld that actually does something new (and just doesn't copy the iPod/iTunes model).

Ever since seeing the Toshiba Gigabeat S, I am really excited about the idea of seamless integration with Windows MCE. Right now, I have no *easy* way of putting recorded shows from my DirecTiVo (thanks for splitting the codebase, DirecTV) or MCE box onto my 5G iPod. This sucks. I want to sync a handheld device with my Media Center box (or my XBOX 360) and have video converted on-the-fly to the device.

The other requirement for me would be storage. A 30GB iPod barely holds all of the music that I own. If I'm going to store video, I need more storage. 100GB is the bare minimum if I'm going to carry this thing around like a portable TiVo.

I am also hopeful when it comes to the WiFi connectivity promised for Argo devices. If this thing could access my media center PC or, better yet, my Slingbox over Wifi, it would be the perfect handheld media player. And streaming functionality would negate the need for tons of onboard storage (for me anyway).

Oh, and unlike my initial excitement about a handheld XBOX, this thing doesn't need to play games. I'm am too cracked out on the Nintendo DS Lite to care about playing the mostly-lame current 360 lineup on a handheld.

Since the first "Argo" products are due by Christmas, it shouldn't be long before features and prices (they'd better not pull an Apple when it comes to pricing these things) are announced.

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