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Thursday, July 6, 2006
Who cares about Rocketboom again?
OK, all of the blog world has been buzzing with the news that Amanda Congdon quit Rocketboom. My initial response was, "So what?" However, I decided to go back and look at their archive to make sure that I hadn't missed the good content. Well, I didn't. Not a lick of funny in there. Plus, Amanda is really annoying to watch.

The fact that she expects to move to LA and turn her Rocketboom notoriety into a career is almost laughable. Sure, she is the most well-known videoblogger; however, that's about like winning a beauty pageant at a county fair. The winner thinks they are really cool and no one else really cares. Of course, some people, like Jason Calacanis, are throwing money at her already without having any plan for how she might grow their business.

Don't get me wrong. I think video content is great when done well; however, I don't think Rocketboom is doing anything noteworthy enough to have everyone fretting over Amanda and her departure.

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