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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Circuit City saves the day
After the hassle I was having with Amazon, I went with to get the new HD-DVD player for the XBOX 360. However, just like Amazon, dropped the ball, too.

See, when I went to the product page before I ordered, it said "in stock, same day shipping." That was the main reason I went with them. I figured that ordering on Saturday would mean that my package should arrive on Monday (Tuesday at the latest).

However, after not seeing any change in my order status throughout the day yesterday, I called this morning to make sure it shipped. The CS rep said that my order wouldn't ship until Monday since they don't ship on the weekends. I asked about the claim of "same day shipping" and she said it just meant that during the week, not on weekends. Nice!

So if you choose to order from, remember that "same day shipping" on the weekends means the same as their other distinction of "ships in 1 business day" during the week. Why they don't just put "business day" in all of their status messages is beyond me. Seems it would eliminate confusion.

So I decided to check the Sunday paper to see if any local retailers had replenished their stock. Turns out that both EB Games and Circuit City were both listing the player in stock locally. Since CC allows me to pay online and then pick it up, I opted for them.

The whole process went smoothly and I now have the player at home. I'll post some impressions and photos in a bit.

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