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Thursday, March 29, 2007
I think Ted Murphy has a point [edited]
I finally got around to listening to Jason Calacanis' podcast with Ted Murphy, CEO of PayPerPost. Of course, PPP is the marketing company that allows marketers to pay for product reviews in blogs. Calacanis has been the biggest basher of the service over the past couple of months saying that it has the potential to ruin the blogosphere.

However, after listening to Murphy on the podcast, I think he has a great point. If someone is being *truthful* with their review, who really cares if they got paid to write it or not. All I care about, as a reader, is if the reviewer is being honest in their opinion about the product.

Calacanis says that everyone should put a disclaimer in the first line of their blog post that says they got paid. But why?

I think it is understood by most anyone who reads a review from a site or publication that takes *any* advertising. It always has to be buyer/reader beware because anyone could have a financial motivation to what they write. That's just common sense.

I, personally, wouldn't use PayPerPost because I just write about stuff that interests me on my blog. However, I'm not going to fault someone who writes an *honest* review of a product and gets paid for it (with or without disclosure on the post).

[EDITED 3/29/2007:] Removed poorly-worded argument that made me look like a dumbass. Sorry, David

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