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Thursday, May 10, 2007
My best blog comment ever!
Back in December 2005, I posted about a website that would take your photo and match it to celebrities that it thinks you look like.

Of course, I used a goofy picture I had taken of myself with an ultra-suave mustache just to see what it would give me. Interestingly, it said I was 43% like Johnny Depp. I figured anyone looking at both photos would get how off the mark it was.

Well, apparently, not Johnny Depp fans. They seem to think that I am seriously comparing myself to their favorite pirate from 21 Jump Street.

Today, I got what is, without a doubt, the best blog comment I've ever gotten:

"Hey- NO AFFENCE but Johnny Is Sooooo much better looking. Im his biggest fan in the world. Never go at day without seeing his face. And thoughts of him go round my head all day long. Im his number 1 fan and i hate to say but its insulting to think that im someones number 1 fan that looks like you.. because your nothing like johnny AND I LOVE HIM! xx"


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