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Thursday, August 9, 2007
Got my 4th XBOX 360
As I've mentioned in the past (here, here, here), I've had quite a history with my XBOX 360. Starting with a launch unit that crapped out 3 days before Christmas 2005, I've had 3 consoles fail.

After 27 days, I finally got my 4th XBOX 360 via UPS yesterday evening. I was actually feeling pretty encouraged about this one because the customer service rep confided that repaired consoles were better than the ones from the store because they (MSFT)) now knew what the problem was. A console in stores, she said, would still have the fatal flaw.

So after cracking open the shipping box, I find a letter that informs me that, instead of repairing my console, they gave me a brand new one. Hooray? Considering what I was told on the phone, I'm not sure this is a good thing. Of course, if they are shipping out new consoles that have had the flaw fixed, then I'm good. However, considering my history with this console, I can't help but worry that I will be repeating this process again in 8 months.

I guess we'll see. For now, I'll comfort myself with many hours of GHII. Oh, and the free month of XBOX Live Gold they included (which I don't need). One of the new premium units with an HDMI port would have been nice.

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