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Friday, January 4, 2008
Avoid Prospect Pediatrics! [updated]
OK, those of you who keep up with the blog know that our kids had a really, really rough December. Maddox, who is 7 months old, had RSV and another nasty virus (in addition to other longer term issues we were sorting out) and the other 3 kids had strep throat and the aforementioned nasty virus. We were at Prospect Pediatrics many, many times last month.

Rewind to last week. I took Mahlon in for a severely sore throat. Dr. Massey at Prospect Pediatrics said that he had strep throat, gave him antibiotics and told us he should be feeling better in 24-48 hours.

After a couple of days on antibiotics, Mahlon (and Mira and Miles who also had strep and were on antibiotics) were all feeling much worse. In addition to the sore throat, they were having a dry cough and labored breathing at night. We called Dr. Massey and she said to bring the kids in the next day as this wasn't normal with strep throat.

So after another rough night with the kids, we awoke early the next morning and waited for the office to open to make our appointment. When we called at 8:30am, we were told by the answering service that the office was closed for New Year's Eve. Our options were a pediatric acute care office across town that didn't open until 1pm or the emergency room.

Considering neither of those preferable options, we called a friend and asked who they used for a pediatrician and called them for an appointment.

We were able to get into Oldham County Pediatrics that morning and the kids were diagnosed with a virus that affects their airway. The doctor gave them all an oral steroid and said they should be fine in a couple of days (which they were).

Fast forward to this afternoon. My wife gets a call from the receptionist at Prospect Pediatrics to tell her that they would no longer honor Maddox's standing appointment to receive a flu shot. The reason? We saw another pediatrician.

Of course, we were dumbfounded and absolutely livid. How was seeing another pediatrician different than seeing an ER doctor (which they recommended) or the acute care doctor (which they recommended)? And let's not forget that we wouldn't have had to see anyone else had Dr. Massey not advised us to wait to see them the next day (when they were closed!).

So now, we're stuck calling around trying to find a preservative-free flu shot for our 7 month old son, who has had two respiratory-related viruses in the past month, because Prospect Pediatrics refuses to give him one.

If you are looking for a pediatrician to take care of your children, I would avoid Prospect Pediatrics. Anyone who would put petty nonsense before the care of their patients doesn't deserve to be in business.

[UPDATE] After Amy and I each called and complained to the office manager's voicemail, Amy finally heard back from Prospect Pediatrics. Amy said that she wanted the doctor's name who was denying the shot and the office manager said that they would still allow him to get his shot. So it all worked out; however, it is still a crappy way to treat your patients, especially ones who have been there as much as we have recently.

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