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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Good crowd at SMC Louisville last night
As I mentioned earlier, I attended the second meeting of the Social Media Club here in Louisville last night. We had a really strong turnout with around 42 people squeezing into Ramsi's Cafe on the World down on Bardstown Road. In addition to the Louisville crowd, we have a few people who drove in from Lexington, Indianapolis and Cincinnati to attend.

The crowd at SMC Louisville
Wider shot of the room at Ramsi's. There were a couple of tables full of people to the sides of the camera as well (photo by Scott Clark).

Brian Wallace of, Aaron Marshall of DBS Interactive and Nick Huhn of Yum! Brands each presented on the topic of Selling Social Media. The presentations were geared toward explaining the power of social media to clients, bosses and co-workers.

Me networking before the event
In the foreground, Jason Falls is talking to Michelle Jones; in the background, I am talking to Joe & Amy Wheeler (photo by Ben Thomas).

While the room at Ramsi's wasn't great for watching presentations, it was perfect for mingling and networking. I talked to many from the Louisville "scene" including Jason Falls, Todd Earwood (not to be confused with Tod Earwood who was also present), Nikki Key, Joe & Amy Wheeler, Brian Herbert, Tom Osborne, Ben Thomas, Michelle Jones, Rob May, Aaron Marshall, Nick Huhn and Melanie Rosenthal (who had a kickass Sprigley jacket on).

I also met Clay Marshall and Mike Foster from DBS Interactive, Kat French from Leapfrog Interactive and Andrew Paradies & Krista Neher from

Overall, it was a good time. I am trying to get CNET to host the next event in March. I figure we could put the Wii, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 to good use.

See the SMC Louisville blog for more details from last night. Also, check out Ben Thomas' photos on Flickr.

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