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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Forge Louisville Mar. '08 event recap
Last night, Forge Louisville held their larger, quarterly event at Primo in downtown Louisville. I attended the first one back in November of last year and it was a good time, so I was eager to get this group together again.

I arrived at around 5:45pm and the place was already packed. According to John Williamson, about 95 people signed up for the event. That's pretty amazing considering there was a $25 cover charge.

The agenda for the event was pretty simple -- a couple of speeches from established local entrepreneurs, lots of networking, wine and food. It's not exactly beer and Guitar Hero, but I made it work.

Upon walking in the door, I ran into Michelle Jones of Forge Louisville and Mathias Kolehmainen from Telemics. From there, I had conversations with old GLI pal Tom McMahon who now runs an angel fund through Growth Services, Michael Schnuerle about this photo, David Watson from Frost Brown Todd with whom we discussed licensing agreements, Lesa Seibert who introduced me to the guys from Label X, Joe Wheeler, Todd Earwood, Rob May and Josh Rosenthal who recounted his snowy drive to Austin for SXSW.

About midway through the event, Matt Winn introduced the featured speakers: Tom Noland who is SVP of Corporate Communications from Humana, Tom Cottingham who founded the Cobb Group and TechRepublic and Andy Swan who founded and

Following the speakers, I talked to Tom Cottingham and Matt Winn (separately) about Profilactic and Heath Gross of the Sedulo Group about video game business ideas. I also finally got to meet web designer and Wordpress guru Chris Pearson and Carson McDonald of Mission Data. Carson and the rest of the Profilactic team geeked out on talk of Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP and web hosting.

Unfortunately, I saw lots of people I wanted to talk to, like Lenny Grover from Chrysalis Ventures, Nick Huhn from Yum! Brands and Eddie Babbage from Resonant Vibes, but wasn't able to. Maybe next time.

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