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Monday, March 17, 2008
Social Media Club & Forge Louisville this week
There are a couple of cool events planned this week for social media professionals and startup entrepreneurs in Louisville this week.

On Tuesday night, the Social Media Club is hosting their March event at our CNET offices. This one is all about networking, mingling and having fun. We're going to have two HDTVs pumping out XBOX 360 (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) and Wii games (Wii Sports, Super Smash Bros. Brawl). Plus, we'll have beer, sodas and snacks. If you're into social media, you should check it out. RSVP at the Facebook group.

On Wednesday night, Forge Louisville will be having their big quarterly event at Primo. As with the kickoff event back in November of 2007, there will be networking, wine, appetizers and presentations from local entrepreneurs:

"We’ve lined up a couple top-notch serial entrepreneurs to share glory stories and entertain: (1) Tom Cottingham, who co-founded The Cobb Group (sold to Ziff-Davis), co-founded and ran TechRepublic (sold to Gartner and now operating as a CNET property), and most recently co-founded the NarrowCast Group, and (2) Andy Swan, who, along with brother Landon, is just coming off a multi-million dollar sale of MyTrade to thinkorswim (a sub of Investools) less than a year after selling their prior company, DaytradeTeam. These two will either leave you in stitches (laughing) or running to form another LLC, hopefully both."

There is a $25 cover charge that covers the use of the restaurant, wine and appetizers. There will also be a dinner after the event for those who want to stick around.

I'll be at both events, so look for linktastic blog recaps, photos and video later in the week.

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