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Monday, March 10, 2008
SXSWi 2008 Sunday recap
Sunday was the busiest day of the conference so far. It started with an early breakfast with Jason Falls, Richard McInnis, Nick Huhn and Marcel LeBrun, CEO of Radian6.

From there, we hit the Convention Center for the rest of the day for a mix of sessions (Charlene Li of Forrester's talk to Social Media; Designing for Freedom with Anil Dash and others) and hanging out at the AMD BlogHaus.

The highlight of the day for me was challenging Freddie Wong, the #1 Guitar Hero player in the world, in a Guitar Hero III battle. Of the 15-20 competitors, I finished 3rd. We played Talk Dirty to Me on Expert. I ended up getting 82% of his score. He didn't miss a note.

After that, we met with lots of great people at a variety of events. I went to the Iron Cactus with Eric Marcoullier. There, I ran into Stef Lewandowski who is part of a group in from the UK that is using Profilactic to aggregate all of their SXSW posts. He did a podcast with me about Profilactic. From there, I went with him to the Red-Eyed Fly for the 8th annual Fray Cafe. Got to meet Peter Ashton and Joanna Geary, who are traveling from the UK with Stef, and hang out with Ewan Spence.

Eventually I ended up at the Blogger party and had a blast talking with Brad Hunstable, the founder of Ustream.TV, Brett Wilson and Mark Rotblat from TubeMogul, J.J. Toothman, Todd Earwood and Nikki Key.

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