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Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Look out, Columbus. Here we come.
As most of you know, I left CNET Networks in April after almost 9 years. Although the initial plan was to raise money for our startup, a job opportunity presented itself recently that is just too good for me to pass up.


I am about to accept an offer from a Fortune 150 company based in Columbus, OH. I will be responsible for leading the company's social media initiatives.

Having met with the team last month, it was really refreshing to see such a large company embracing social media and recognizing that it will be key to their future marketing efforts. Plus, they've got a *really* talented web team with whom I'll be working. I am really excited to take on this challenge.

Of course, this will require us to relocate to Columbus, OH by the end of July. That will definitely be the toughest part of accepting the position. We have family and a terrific groups of friends here that we'll definitely miss. The good thing is that Columbus is only 200 miles from Louisville, so we'll be able to return often.

BTW, I will share the name of the company and my title once I have officially accepted the offer and things are made public.

For now, call any friends or family members in the Columbus area and warn them that the Mortons are coming to town :)

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