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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
November 2008 Columbus Tweetup recap
Since moving to Columbus this summer, I have been lucky enough to have several awesome experiences including a trip to L.A., an all-access pass to a NASCAR race in Charlotte and Mahlon's first concert.

Today, I was able to add another one thanks to the Columbus Tweetup (which is a meetup of Twitter users for those not familiar with the term). This month's event featured a 2-hour tour of Ohio Stadium.

On the field

Although I have only been a Buckeyes fan for 122 days, it was very, very cool. We started in the rotunda outside the stadium and worked our way through the Varsity O Club, the luxury suites, the press box, the University Suite, the football recruitment center and the band center.

The highlight for me was actually getting to go down on the field.

Our tour guide, who has worked at the stadium for 33 years, had lots of great stories and details about the stadium that really added to the tour.

Of course, it was also nice to see some familiar faces, like Scott Peacock and Irene Alvarez from Experience Columbus, from the local social media community.

I've posted tons of photos and video from the tour on Flickr.

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