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Thursday, March 26, 2009
My one year layoff anniversary
I was laid off from my job at CNET one year ago today. I had survived more than a half dozen rounds of layoffs during the first dotcom bubble and, honestly, didn't see it coming. I had just returned from an awesome week at SXSWi 2008 and thought I was going to a meeting to discuss our product roadmap (pretty sneaky, huh?). It wasn't until I saw one of our HR staff members from our San Francisco office on the way to that faux meeting that I figured out what was coming.

At the time of the layoff, I considered it a positive thing. After my trip to SXSWi, I realized that I no longer was challenged by my job and that I didn't have the same passion for it as others at SXSWi did about their jobs. Plus, I had been working on a startup in my spare time for the past two years, so I was eager to have more time to dedicate to it.

Fast forward a year and I still consider the layoff a positive event. In fact, I am more grateful for the layoff now than I was a year ago. I was able to take 4 months off to spend time with Amy and the kids. I was able to dedicate time to our startup idea (even though it didn't ultimately pan out). And I was able to move on to a new position leading social media at Nationwide Insurance.

I have had a blast in my new role these first 8 months (read my 6 month recap) and I find myself excited to go to work everyday. I work with a talented team in our interactive marketing department and have been able to work on some great social media projects.

I've also had the opportunity to experience a lot of new things like my first Ohio State game (vs. Michigan, no less), a tour of Ohio Stadium, my first NHL games, my first NASCAR race, my first Rolls Royce ride, my first dinner sitting next to Al Pacino, my first hurricane and Mahlon's first concert.

My only regret is having to leave our friends and my mom in Louisville. I'm hoping to convince all of them to move east. I've already got one of them to meet us halfway.

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