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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Inbound Marketing Bootcamp & SMC Louisville recap
One of the many things I miss about Louisville is the amazing social media community there. I was fortunate enough to be there a year and a half ago when the Social Media Club chapter was formed and was on the board until I moved to Columbus in July.

So when I heard that Chris Brogan was bringing his Inbound Marketing Bootcamp to Louisville *and* that he would be speaking at the SMC Louisville meeting the same night, I had to make the trip back to the 'Ville.

I headed down on Monday afternoon and met Jason Falls, Amber Naslund of Radian6, Justin Levy of New Marketing Labs, and Brendan Jackson from Creative Alliance for dinner at Proof on Main. Fortunately, everyone loved to eat, have a few cocktails and laugh (a lot), so it was a great time. I shared one infamous story from SXSWi that had the table in tears.

After dinner, we moved to the Proof bar and had another drink. For this one, we were joined by David Finch and Chris Brogan. I pulled a Don Draper (thanks to a tip from Brendan) and had an Old Fashioned before calling it a night.

The Humana Building
Photo by Chris Brogan

The Inbound Marketing Bootcamp kicked off at 8:30am on Tuesday. The event was hosted by Humana. On the way up the elevator, one of our Humana hosts noticed my Nationwide Insurance nametag and said how cool she thought our new iPhone was. That was nice to hear.

After catching up with Scott Clark from BuzzMaven, I grabbed a table with Falls, Amber and Melissa King from KFC. There was packed house as the event started with around 100 people attending.

The crowd at Chris Brogan's Inbound Marketing Bootcamp in Louisville
Photo by Chris Brogan

Over the next 7 hours, Brogan, Justin, Rick Burnes from Hubspot, Amber, Greg Cangialosi from Blue Sky Factory and Falls covered a wide variety of social media topics including blogging tips, how to engage on social networks, social media listening techniques, creating good content and the differences between bloggers and traditional media. You can check out the Twitter coverage of the event by searching the #imbc hashtag.

After the Bootcamp, we took a big group to Los Aztecas on Main for dinner before the SMC event. We ended up with Falls, Chris Bergman from the 513, Scott Clark, Justin Levy, Chris Hall and Greg Matthews from Humana's Innovation Center, Greg Cangialosi, Amber, Brogan and Rick Burnes.

Around 6pm, we headed back to the Humana Building for the Social Media Club event. Ran into a ton of old friends and former CNET colleagues including Tom Osborne, Eric Roland, Jay Garmon, Jim McDonnell from Papa John's, Rob May and Michelle Jones. Maker's Mark, who sponsored the event, provided free cocktails served in wax-covered glasses.

Chris Brogan at SMC Louisville
Brogan takes questions from the audience

Brogan took the stage around 7pm and shared his thoughts on the future of social media and took questions from the audience.

Hanging out after the SMC Louisville event
Back row: Chris Hall, me, Rob May, Michelle Jones, Greg Matthews, Justin Levy Front row: Greg Cangialosi, Amber Naslund, Chris Brogan and Jason Falls

Afterward, a group of us, including Brogan, Justin, Falls, Amber, Chris Hall and Greg Matthews, headed to the bar in the Seelbach for some drinks. Stuck with the Old Fashioned again. I spent most of the time talking shop with Brogan, Justin and the guys from Humana's Innovation Center.

I finished up the trip early the next morning by meeting Tom Osborne, Eric Roland and Kevin Brown for breakfast at Panera.

Hoping to convince Chris and Justin to bring the show to Columbus some time later this year.

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