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Saturday, May 30, 2009
Jane's Addiction live in Columbus
After a great Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at The LC the night before, Amy and I headed out to the Jane's Addiction show there last night. It was actually the first time since moving to Columbus last year that we had gone out without the kids. We grabbed dinner and some Jeni's ice cream at North Market then some drinks in the Arena District before settling in for Jane's.

Because it was an outdoor show, we had to wait until it got dark for the show to start. That left us with plenty of time to do some people watching (which was awesome) and have an adult beverage.

"Nothing Shocking"
During "Nothing Shocking"

Jane's Addiction played a 90-minute set that opened with "Three Days" and finished with "Jane Says." Perry Farrell was one part lounge singer (he wore a gold satin jumpsuit with cummerbund and scarf), one part rock star and one part stoner at the coffee shop that asks you strange questions (he asked the mostly 30+ crowd if school was out yet). I'm not complaining, BTW. Perry is a great showman and definitely kept the crowd engaged. Check out the clip from the end of "Stop" to see that in action.

The end of "Stop"

The weather was absolutely perfect until the last few seconds of "Jane Says." At that point, a downpour started. As the crowd ran for cover, Perry said, "We made it rain!"

You can check out my photos and videos from show on Flickr.

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