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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
FFL 09 Week 3: FTW! 108, Sour Mash 83
After an any-given-Sunday fluke in week 2, I was able to bounce back to form in week 3 against The Sour Mash 108-83.

I benched Tom Brady for Roethlisberger, who scored 24, and reactivated Willis McGahee, who scored in the 20s for the 3rd straight week, and cruised to victory. My only miss was leaving Pierre Thomas, who had been injuried, on the bench. Thomas Jones, who started in his place, put up 2 points. Pierre put up 24.

This coming week, I move out of division play to face the 1-2 Woodlawn Woodchucks. Need to find a good 3rd wide receiver (to replace Justin Gage) and I should be in good shape for my run to the Super Bowl :)

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