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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Unsecured webcams feature this Google query a couple of days ago. You can use it to find unsecured internet webcams. And I'm not talking about your garden-variety, static webcams, these are webcams, like the Veo Observer, that allow you to actually move the cam around from your web browser.

I only poked around for a couple of minutes (and many of the links are hit or miss in terms of them actually loading a webcam); however, I was able to reposition a couple.

I have been planning on getting a similar webcam. I guess I will need to avoid leaving them unsecured like these poor schmos.

Find some unsecured webcams.

UPDATE (01/14/2005):
HackADay suggests a new query for "inurl:ā€¯ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh" instead of the one mentioned above.

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