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Friday, April 27, 2007
Another WHS article on TechRepublic
My second article on Windows Home Server just published on TechRepublic. This one looks at the Remote Access web interface.
Thursday, April 26, 2007
WHS article on TechRepublic
TechRepublic has published the first of two articles that I did on Windows Home Server. Both articles are introductions to the interface and features of WHS.

This first one explores the interfaces and functionality of WHS CTP. Check it out.
Monday, April 23, 2007
Time to reform the farm bill?
If you care at all about what you eat, you need to read this NY Times article on the farm bill.
Friday, April 20, 2007
Spock exposing user e-mail addresses
... and sending them to total strangers.

Spock, the new people search engine that has been getting some attention recently, sent me a private beta invite this afternoon.

After unsuccessfully trying to use the link they sent me, I noticed something interesting. They are actually putting the user's e-mail address into the activation link. Not a smart move.

To make matters worse (not for me, though) is that they encoded someone else's e-mail address in the link. So not only do I have a bad experience and can't log in, someone by the name of C******** Y*** has just had her e-mail address sent to a complete stranger via Spock.

Beta service or not, that is just poor privacy and data protection. I'm kind of sorry that I gave them my e-mail address now. Who knows who got my invite. Maybe I could ask C********.

[UPDATE: 4:53PM] Spock responded to my e-mail (and this blog post) with the following:

"I just saw your blog post on Spock’s exposing people’s email addresses. We actually had a technical issue with a small batch of emails that we sent out that we are resolving.

We apologize for the mess up – and have not sent out any further links. Also, we have not sent out any emails except with C********’s encrypted email and we are working to resolve the situation. In order to protect the privacy of the person whose email got sent out via encrypted link, we’d like to ask you to take down her name and replace it with an alias if possible in order to reduce the damage done."
Thursday, April 19, 2007
My DS Lite is on its way home
Just got a shipping notification from Nintendo that my DS Lite has been repaired. A couple of weeks ago, we got the dreaded cracked hinge. Fortunately, that is covered under warranty, so Nintendo shipped me a free UPS label and I sent it off.

Now, about a week later, it is on its way back. Not a bad turnaround.

We have two DS Lites and this is the second repair I've had done. The first one we bought had a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen.
Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Screwed by GHII patch [UPDATE]
Well, I can now add myself to the list of people who have been screwed by the patch that Red Octane released for Guitar Hero II for the XBOX 360.

I had read some of the hundreds of posts on the forums and thought I was safe. I installed the patch the other day and had successfully played the game since.

However, today, I tried to fire the game up and it stalls at the "Loading" screen. And it isn't just the game that stalls, the XBOX completely locks up and has to be restarted to recover.

I played other games, like Virtua Tennis 3, without any problems, so GHII is definitely the problem.

I tried to call Red Octane's customer support line, but the recording says that they are not available. That's just unacceptable. There are hundreds of people affected by their patch and Red Octane has made no official statement about the problem or their proposed solution.

[UPDATE] 4/18/2007: Got the game working again. After playing without signing into XBOX Live and loading my game saves, I was able to play fine. That made me suspect that the patch did something screwy with my game save data.

So, with much hesitation, I went to System>Memory and deleted the game save file for Guitar Hero II. Then, I logged into XBOX Live from the Dashboard and restarted the game.

Without the old save data, the game loaded fine. Miles and I have been playing it for about 45 minutes without any glitches. It really sucks that we have to unlock all of the songs again, but it is better than a bricked console or being without the game until they patch the patch.
Glitch with GHII and MCE on XBOX 360
I found a weird glitch with my XBOX 360 when I was trying to use it as a Media Center Extender. Turns out if you have the Guitar Hero II guitar plugged into your XBOX 360 while trying to use Media Center, you will not be able to control Media Center via a remote control.

It took me a few days (and several disconnects, reconnects of my MCE box in the XBOX 360 Dashboard) to figure this out; however, as soon as I unplugged the guitar, my Harmony 880 (and my XBOX remote) both kicked back in.

So if you're having problems with using a remote with Media Center through your XBOX 360, try unplugging your guitar.
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Guitar Hero II controls me
The past week has been a blur. See, last Wednesday, I bought Guitar Hero II for the XBOX 360. I figured the game would be fun; however, I had no idea that it would unlock the hair metal guitar god that I had hidden inside all these years.

F'in' Rockin'!!!

So far, I have played GHII every day for at least 2 hours per day. I would probably play it more, but Mahlon and Miles are always jumping in to play as well. Even Amy gets her rock on occasionally.

I burned through "Easy" the first night and "Medium" the next. Since then, I've been working on achievements and starting "Hard" (which tends to be a bit hard in spots). My career score is around 8 million which only puts me in the top 20,000 players worldwide. Must...rock...harder...

My hair is twice as long as when I started playing, btw. I think I need help.
Sunday, April 8, 2007
I'm lovin' Windows Home Server
I got Windows Home Server up and running this weekend and I'm really loving it so far. I actually installed it earlier in the week, but I decided to reinstall it after I got a new 500GB drive for my media center box. This freed up two 300GB drives for the WHS box.

Windows Home Server console

I've got my laptop and my media center box getting backed up nightly. Plus, I've got all of our digital photos and music shared and backed up (with duplication). I'm actually feeding the photos and music to my media PC from the server instead of housing those locally on the box.

I'm going to do Amy's PC and Mahlon & Miles PC after I reinstall the OS (probably in the next week or so).
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
twitter has taken over
Since starting my experiment with twitter a couple of weeks ago, it is taking more and more posts away from this blog. So many things are better suited for twitter's 140 character limit than I anticipated.

New posts coming here soon including thoughts on TVersity, Windows Home Server Beta and, my newest addiction, Guitar Hero II for the XBOX 360.

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