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Friday, March 4, 2011
#7 SXSWi moment: Chat Roulette with a TWiST (2010)
This may be the lamest SXSWi moment that you'll read on this list, unless you happened to be at Six Lounge that fateful evening in 2010 for Jason Calacanis' live TWiST interview with Tony Hseih from Zappos.

TWIST view from the balcony
Photo by Todd Earwood -- who has just been implicated by me crediting him for this photo...

I cannot share many of the details of the #7 moment or those that participated... just know that it was one of the funniest and truly disturbing things I have witnessed ever while in Austin.

Basically, we arrived for the show, grabbed our seats in the balcony, then learned that it would be an hour or more until things got started.

In order to keep ourselves entertained, one of the guys pulled out his MacBook and we decided to play a drinking game with Chat Roulette (those who know Chat Roulette can imagine what the criteria for drinking might have been). Before we even get started, the team from a Canadian startup stopped by and heard what we were planning. The lone female on their team decided we should raise the stakes and... that's as far as I am comfortable taking this story here.

Those who were there will, hopefully, have a long laugh. Those who were not can follow up with me this year in Austin to get all of the details.

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