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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
The World's Greatest PSAs in the World!
As part of our The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World campaign, we had to craft a compelling back story for the character. One of the things we did was create a series of public service announcements from the 70s and 80s.

While the one about germs was the most fun to shoot, it is a toss-up between bears and safety as my favorite.

Sunday, February 14, 2010
How The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World got social
This week, we launched our new The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World ad campaign for Nationwide Insurance. Of all of the campaigns I've been in involved with over the past 19 months, this one is, by far, the most integrated with 3rd party social media sites.

In fact, much of the content from the campaign is housed exclusively on sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

There are two key elements of the campaign that live on

1. Home page element
We have replaced our feature graphic on with an image of The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World. In addition, we have placed prominent links to his Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts right alongside the link to his launch pad.

2. The World's Greatest Spokesperson launch pad
Rather than build a microsite for this campaign, we chose to build a "launch pad" that houses some content, but really serves as a jumping off point for all of the other great content we have on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Off of
The rest of the digital campaign lives somewhere other than our website. The biggest difference with this campaign, though, is that the content was produced with that in mind. In other words, we're not just reposting our TV commercials on Facebook or YouTube and calling it a social media campaign. We created two Facebook apps and more than a dozen web-only videos to integrate The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World into the leading social destinations.

1. Facebook page
The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World has his own Facebook fan page that allows us to post historical photos, web-only videos and the TV commercials. It also gives him an opportunity to interact with fans through status updates.

2. Two Facebook apps
We build two Facebook apps for the campaign. Actually, they are the World's Greatest Facebook Apps in the World!

One is a t-shirt generator that allows you to create a "The World's _________ ________ in the World" t-shirt. I made "The World's Baldest Hair Metal Fan in the World" for mine. The first 1,000 t-shirts are completely free, so hurry up!

The World's Greatest Facebook App in the World

The other app allows you to caption any of your Facebook photos using the same concept of "The World's __________ ___________ in the World." For example, I could caption my profile photo as The World's Smoothest Forehead in the World.

3. YouTube channel
In addition to the videos you can also see on his Facebook page, we also have some exclusive content on YouTube. We have posted some content related to the campaign on other YouTube accounts and we have them listed as The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World's favorite videos. These include clips from his 1984 movie "Talk Back 2: The Mic is On" complete with VHS tracking lines and poorly overdubbed profanity.

4. Twitter account
His Twitter account will provide status updates that will be separate from anything posted on Facebook. We wanted him to have a distinct presence on each site rather than just repost the same content in both places.

It is still too early in the campaign to determine how well it is performing with consumers; however, I am willing to go on record saying that this is the best campaign work I've been involved with at Nationwide and sets a high bar for social integration moving forward.
Friday, February 12, 2010
Meet The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World
Tonight, we are launching a new ad campaign for Nationwide Insurance featuring The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World. The new :60 spot will air during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Me with the WGS

In addition to TV spots, we also shot a lot of supporting digital material for use on the web and in social media.

I was able to be in L.A. all last week to be a part of the digital shoot and I think it is the best work we have done since I have been at Nationwide. I took a lot of behind-the-scenes photos and video that you can check out on Flickr (including this gem below).

Hanging out on the set with Fabio

Check out the launch spot below and then head over to to see more video, connect with him on Facebook or follow his tweets.

Here is one of my favorite web-only videos:

As always, would love to hear what you all think, so please leave a comment and let us know.
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Overcoming your fear of user-generated content

I am going to be participating in a webinar tomorrow (February 11 at 11:30am EST) with our partners from Rosetta and Bazaarvoice. It is titled "Overcoming Your Fear of User- Generated Content: A Webcast for Highly-Regulated Industries (catchy, huh?)."

Here is the description:
"Consumers want to hear from others like them when they shop for insurance, banking, healthcare—just like they shop for everything else. How do you conquer corporate fear, consumer privacy, and liability concerns to give them what they really want?

This webcast gets to the heart of these concerns and how Nationwide Insurance tackled these issues—and won big with consumers.

I will be joined by Adam Cohen, Partner and Social Media Lead at Rosetta, Marc Ostryniec, Vice President of Financial Services Division at Bazaarvoice, and Sue McManus, Leader of Direct and Customer Solutions at Nationwide.

Learn more about the webinar here.

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