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Monday, March 7, 2011
#4 SXSWi moment: Livin' on a Prayer (2009)
The Blogger Lounge at SXSWi is always a strange and magical place. Throughout the course of a day, it is a who's who of the digital and social media space doing, sometimes, unusual things.

Day 2: Jeff Pulver, Amber Naslund and Brian Link

In 2009, I happened to find myself in a conversation with Jeff Pulver, Amber Naslund and Brian Link. I believe Jeff was sharing insights on why he was an early investor in Twitter.

As he finished his story, Jeff's attention turned to the XBOX 360 set up in the corner of the room. So, he and I cranked through a couple of tunes on Rock Band 2 (him on guitar, me on drums).

Feeling like we needed to make more of a ruckus, I enlisted Jason Falls to join us on vocals. What happened next was fake rock music history (and one of my favorite SXSWi moments)!

Note how the rest of the room isn't having nearly as much fun as we were. Also, check out Jeff's assessment of our performance on his blog.

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