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Sunday, March 6, 2011
#5 SXSWi moment: KICKin' it (2008)
In 2008, Anil Dash brought back his annual KICK! kickball game at SXSWi. Nick Huhn and I skipped out on some of the Saturday morning sessions to join about 40 others in the largest kickball game I have ever been a part of.


There were no team limits, so it was 20 on 20 with everyone in the field at once on defense and everyone going through the batting rotation on offense. As if that didn't make the game challenging enough, Anil had a rule that we had to use a GIANT kickball during the 5th inning. It was nearly impossible to catch or throw, so lots of runs were scored that inning.

KICK! 08: Eric with both shoes still on
Eric with two shoes on...

KICK! 08: Eric's shoe is out
It turns out that catching a shoe is not an out in kickball

The highlight of the game was when Eric Marcoullier kicked his shoe into left field and had it caught in the air by the 3rd baseman.

KICK!08: Tacos!
Taco time!

After the game, Anil and the Six Apart team treated the group to tasty breakfast tacos and coffee. Overall, it was an awesome diversion from the morning sessions. You can see a brief video of the action here.

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