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Friday, June 29, 2007
Started our Fantasy Football league today
Helmet for my Fantasy Football teamAfter getting some pressure from one of my co-workers, I went ahead and set up our Fantasy Football league for 2007 on My team this year is "The Profilactics."

I went to our FFL Super Bowl this past season and finished a mediocre 9-7.

Our draft isn't until August 6th, so I have a little time to get back into football mode.
Sunday, June 24, 2007
Maddox' first movie: Knocked Up
My mom came over to watch Mahlon, Miles and Mira, so Amy, Maddox and I headed out to a matinee of "Knocked Up." Maddox was conked out the entire time and never made a peep. Only a couple of more months until this little movie trick won't work any more.
Saturday, June 23, 2007
Going to see QOTSA in August
This morning, I picked up a ticket for the August 5th Queens of the Stone Age show that was just announced this week. I had actually been kicking around the idea of getting tickets to their August 4th show in Indianapolis, so it was great to see a Louisville date added.
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Miles & Mahlon are on the web
A few years ago, I registered the domain name "" and linked it to the Flickr photos of our kids. The idea was to give our relatives, who don't care about the stuff I write here, to have a shortcut to our photos.

Now that Mahlon is approaching his tweenage years, he wants to have his own site. And because Miles can't be left out, he wants one, too. So, today, we dusted off the ol' "" domain and created sites for both Mahlon and Miles.

They both enjoyed seeing how web pages are built, but were content to let me do all of the coding. I am hoping that having their own site will give them an interest in learning HTML. I guess we'll see.

For now, please enjoy their current pages (and look for more updates tomorrow).
Friday, June 15, 2007
Samsung Upstage arrived today
I got the review unit of the Upstage from Samsung today. I am going to be using it for the next couple of weeks in order to write a review for TechRepublic.

After a couple of hours with it, I can say that the dual screens will take some getting used to. So far, I've mainly been testing out the music player (I listened to it while I made dinner tonight). I plan to dig into it more tomorrow.

Look for the complete review on this at the end of the month.
Friday, June 8, 2007
Ramping up for my new TechRepublic blog
While I am on parental leave, I have been slowly ramping up some blog posts for the new, yet-to-be-named gadget blog I will be writing for TechRepublic.

I've got several posts in the works including a couple of tips for the XBOX 360, a review of the Nintendo DS browser and a how-to for setting up MCE Virtual Remote.

I am also getting very excited about some product reviews/comparisons that I will be doing. One will take a look at the Nokia N95 and some new phone that Apple is releasing on June 29 (maybe you've heard of it?). Another will be a comprehensive look at the new Drobo data robot from Data Robotics, Inc. (I'm really psyched about that one).

Finally, I am hoping to hear back on a couple of beta tests that I am shooting for -- one for Sling Media's Clip + Sling software and another for a secret DivX project (that is rumored to be a snazzy, new piece of hardware).

The blog is scheduled to launch later this month. We are currently trying to come up with a name. If you have any suggestions, please post them as a comment.
Thursday, June 7, 2007
Halo 3 Beta over for me
Well, it has been a fun 3 weeks, but my Halo 3 Beta experience ends today. I rented Crackdown from Blockbuster the day before the Beta started (5 day rental + 7 day grace period) and then renewed it with my free Blockbuster Online game coupon (5 more days + another 7 day grace period). It was finally due back today and I didn't feel like shelling out $8 to play for 3 more days.

Below are some random (and, admittedly, dorky) observations about the Beta:

* 2 of the 3 maps were really fun to play (Valhalla and High Ground). And the new Veto feature meant that many of the matches on Snowbound were killed before they started. Hopefully Bungie tweaks (or eliminates) Snowbound to make it more fun to play.

* For whatever reason, I actually played better in the Halo 3 multiplayer than I did in Halo 2. I scored over 20 kills at least 3 times and consistently scored more than 12. I don't think I ever got more than 20 kills in any of my Halo 2 multiplayer matches.

* My favorite match was this one. Ended up with 21 kills. The best part was that I got to use a variety of weapons to get them: 3 sniper kills, 1 laser kill, 1 grenade stick, a double kill on a Warthog with the Missile Tap and, if I remember correctly, a close-range Missile Tap shot.

* Valhalla was my favorite map. All of my 20+ kill matches were on Valhalla. Loved the new Missile Tap weapon.

* Players seem better behaved. I heard no racial slurs and I actually had other players give me a hard time for making fun of a player who was trashtalking our team. Weird.

According to my stats on, I played 108 matches during the beta and ended up at Level 11. I had 857 kills and 488 assists. I won't mention how many deaths I had :)

Overall, I had a great time with the Beta and can't wait for September. The new "Save a film" options are going to make trashtalking so much more fun.
Monday, June 4, 2007
Starting parental leave today
Well, today marks the beginning of my parental leave from work. I don't return to the office until Monday, July 2nd.

After we had Mira in 2003, I took 30 days off. I found that that is the perfect length of time for a leave. You actually want to go back to work after the first 3 weeks or so. Any longer and you start to question things like capitalism and the idea of working for a living. Not good when you have four kids and a gadget/video game addiction.

I have a long to-do list of things I would like to get done over the break; however, I am going to leave that alone this week while everyone gets used to having a new baby around.
Friday, June 1, 2007
Quoted in an article about twitter
I recently did an e-mail interview with Javacia Harris from Velocity Weekly for a story on twitter. Here is my quote:

"While Shawn Morton of the East End often uses Twitter to keep up with his pals on the West Coast, he's mostly found it a great complement to his blog,

'At first, I was a bit skeptical about how much I would use (Twitter)," Morton e-mailed. "However, after giving it a try for a few weeks, I found it very interesting. As a blogger, I often find that lots of interesting things happen in a given day, but none of them really warrant a full blog post. With Twitter, I am able to post short messages about things I think other people might be interested in -- music I'm listening to, video games I'm playing, a movie that I just watched.'"

Pure poetry, huh? I tried to pimp a little in my responses, but it didn't make the final article. The full article is here.

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