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Friday, July 23, 2010
We're heading to China!
After a 10-month wait, we finally have our travel approval to go to China to get Mei-li. Amy and Mahlon head out on August 4th. I will join them in Beijing on August 5th.

We have a day or so to do tourist-y things like visit the Great Wall of China, then it will be off to Zhengzhou to get Mei-li on Monday, August 9th.

After a couple of days of squaring away all of the adoption processes and forms, I will head back to the U.S. Amy, Mahlon and Mei-li will need to stay until August 20th.

Of course, we will be taking a ton of photos and video to document the process. Will post updates as soon as I can.
Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Two job openings on my team at Nationwide
Wanted to share a couple of job openings that I have on my team at Nationwide.

One is for a mobile marketing product manager. We need someone to help us define the mobile roadmap for Nationwide. Need experience in and a passion for building mobile sites and/or apps.

The other is for a social media marketing lead. We need someone to help us expand our social media strategy as well as manage some of our high profile projects and vendor relationships.

To apply, click one of the links above, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the job description, then click the "Apply for job" button.

You can shoot any questions to me at mortons7 at nationwide dot com.

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