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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Big announcement: Mei-li makes 5!
Got some big news in the Morton household. We've decided to add a 5th child to our family. No, this isn't a long lost love child from spring breaks of old. We've finally decided to adopt.

I say "finally" because Amy and I had planned to adopt back in 2007. We ended up getting pregnant with Maddox while we were going through the adoption classes, so things have been on hold for a couple of years.

Recently, Amy received an e-mail from an adoption agency about a little girl in China with special needs. She has a condition known as Arthrogryposis which affects the joints in her arms and legs. Arthrogryposis is treatable; however, she has not received any treatment for the disorder since she arrived at the orphanage as an infant.


Even with her disorder, she is able to walk and play and has a great personality. She also has a bit of a head start on learning to speak English.

We had never really considered an overseas adoption, but, after seeing "Lucy," (the American name they gave her at the orphanage) we felt compelled to make this happen.

We are just getting started on the paperwork, so it will still be close to 9 months before she can join our family. We are going to name her Mei-li (pronounced may-lee) which means "beautiful" in Chinese. We wanted her to have something that recognized her culture while fitting in with all of our other kids' M names :)

We can't wait to have her here and to start getting her the medical care she needs.


Although they don't know her exact birthday, she is almost 3 years old. This will put her close to Maddox's age.

We'll be adding new photos to this set on Flickr as we get them.

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