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Thursday, September 10, 2009
DirecTV HR21 + PlayOn = Awesome!
This weekend, we switched back to DirecTV after a long year with cable. We had been DirecTV customers for the previous 12 years, but, for some unknown reason, we decided to give cable a shot. While our cable experience wasn't terrible, it wasn't anything special either.

With the arrival of football season and the crazy NFL Sunday Ticket promos DirecTV is running, we decided it was the right time to switch back.

One thing I wasn't expecting was just how cool the Media Share options of the DirecTV HR21-700 HD DVR would be. Out of the box, the HR21 will let you connect to your home network and pull in videos, photos and music. Nothing really groundbreaking, but still nice. What completely rocked my world, though, was the awesomeness that ensued when I installed PlayOn Media Server on my media PC.

Now, instead of your basic media sharing options, you get the ability to stream Netflix, hulu, YouTube, ESPN and CBS. I used the Netflix and hulu streaming the first night (since I had no shows on my brand new DVR) and it was great. No extra hardware to buy. No crazy DRM hassles. It just worked.

Last night, I connected my SlingCatcher in our master bedroom and will be using the HR21 to give us Netflix and hulu streaming there as well. Very cool.

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