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Monday, August 17, 2009
Please give my 2010 SXSWi panels a thumbs up
SXSWi 2010If you've been reading my blog for a while (thanks again, mom!), you know that I rarely ask for favors. Today, however, I am going to cash in that blog karma and ask for you to vote for the 3 panels I am on for SXSWi 2010.

See, SXSWi takes panel ideas from the community. Of course, they get way more ideas than they can handle, so they also turn to the community to vote for their favorites.

I have been fortunate enough to be invited to 3 panels which I think are all going to be worthwhile. Please take a minute and check them out below. If they sound like something you'd like to see at SXSWi 2010, I would appreciate a "thumbs up" vote. If they sound like something you wouldn't like to see..., I would still appreciate a "thumbs up" vote.

1. Social Media at Fortune 100 Companies
I pitched this panel idea to my pals Jim Storer, who runs The Community Roundtable, and Scott Monty, who runs social media at a tiny Detroit company called Ford. They were able to get more folks from IBM, Dell, SAP and Microsoft. Basically, we're going to look at how large companies are using social media.

"Companies of all sizes are adopting social media and community, but large organizations have some unique challenges and opportunities. This panel will uncover best practices through stories told by social media leaders from Ford, Nationwide, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Dell."

Vote for this panel here

2. Social ROI is Not a Four Letter Word
Aaron Strout from Powered asked me to join his colleague Kathy Warren and reps from Kodak and Coca-Cola to talk about the return on investment for social media. I think this is the big question/challenge in the industry right now, so this should be a great discussion.

"If you've ever tried tracking down a return on investment (ROI) on "social" you’ve found that it's nearly impossible to find. During this interactive discussion, listen as brand practitioners from Coke, Nationwide and Kodak talk about ways that their companies are deriving real ROI from social while providing best practices, case studies and examples of how companies can achieve this elusive ROI Holy Grail."

Vote for this panel here

3. This Isn't on the Map, Where the Hell Are We?
The third panel I was invited to features some of my favorite social media people. It is being organized by my former CNET colleague Bill Johnston and will feature Jake McKee, Sean O'Driscoll and Aaron Strout. I am really looking forward to this one.

"Social media practice and implementation is a dynamic and volatile subject that effects all functions in a company from the obvious (product, support, marketing) to the not so obvious (hr, operations). Hear from 5 seasoned social media practitioners (plus YOU!) about where we are on "the map" of social media adoption and practice, and where we are headed. The mood will be lively, the panel bright eyed and prepared, and the audience smart (and involved)."

Vote for this panel here

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